I was wondering if it was possible to get a category where you set the game speed to 200% in EMU and try to play. I would be willing to do runs of it. As would Sylux.


Maybe, but it for sure won't be popular. Not a lot of players have EMU

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My like was sarcastic too, and please stop insulting me, every time I write something, you have something cringy to respond to me with


I'm not responding to you from now anymore


200 iq !


herobrine icon Lma


I had a simmaler idea for TSSM called "TSSM done HL2" where you would multiply spongebobs/patricks movement speed by 2 and give yourself 100 goober tokens so you would just run through the maps.it was pretty fun.so I think it should be that you give sponge/pat/sandy double movement speed instead of running the game at 200% so you can cross large gaps.the way to do this is to get gcrebuilder and change an ini file,heres a video on how to do it(its for movie): .I might try a run of my idea,it should be called "BFBB Done Hl2".I also want to try "TSSM Done Sandy if its possible to hack in sandy into TSSM(not sure if it is).

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Tssm is bfbb BTW



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Isnt that early Powers for dummies basically?

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the 200% speed thing could be cool, wurt's being an idiot