I was thinking, 84%ng+ would be a good catagory to have and a lot of people might run it. Its like putting all IL s into a category. But why isnt it a catagory in extension or paired with 84% catagory?

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do a run of it and show it off! maybe a mod will like it enough to put it on the extension boards 🙂

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I feel like if you have to many categories it will put off the flow of the main ones. as NG+ Any and 100% seam ok. (84% NG+) is like inbetween any% and 100%. but still its the routing for each category that you have to think about. but still its a good idea.

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NG+ All Level Spatulas: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​bfbbce#NG​%2B_All_Level_Spatulas
It is included in the category extensions. It is in NG+ (new game plus). The object of "All Level Spatulas" (formerly known as 84%) is to collect all golden spatulas displayed in the pause menu except for those from the Mr. Krabs and Patrick rows.

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thanks for the info