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Why doesn't Dolphin emulator have its own category. If Dolphin truly does have faster loads, which, it probably does, wouldn't it make sense to give it its own category.

Unless there's a major flaw i'm missing with this.

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Dolphin loads should be the same as gamecube. It shouldn't be a different category because the slower load versions are on the same leaderboard.

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Dolphin has faster loads which is why there is a certain time cap for emulators. If my time is too good I can't submit it.

I wanna learn hundo for this game because it seems like it has cool movement and tricks but I was just wondering about this

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I don't see an emulator time cap listed anywhere in the rules. And the rules also stipulate that the emulator must accurately emulate gamecube - including loading times - to be accepted.

Other than the loads being accurate aside, one big reason why there's no separation for emulator is because the only allowed emulator is for gamecube. Xbox is the vastest console by far, so even if you were to have a separate leaderboard for emulator, the "emu" record would be multiple minutes slower than the "non-emu" record, even if both were perfectly optimized.

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Dolphin shouldn't have a separate category since it is essentially just a Gamecube. You are allowed to use Dolphin for all runs, I'm pretty sure emulators used to have a time cap, but then it got removed.

As stated in the above post, since it runs as a Gamecube emulator and not an Xbox emulator it's not any faster and thus as long as being emulated correctly there is no need for a category split.

Edit: This post just says they removed the cut off:

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oops, my bad

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You still need to make sure you're dolphin configuration doesn't have fast loads though. Usually this is achieved by leaving "Speed Up Disc Transfer Rate" off


My Dolphin definitely has faster loads, I will try this

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@UnbonesUnbones i'm pretty sure there is still a time cap for emu, according to the game rules


I believe the dev version of dolphin has slightly faster loads, but im not sure by how much


nah, the development versions of dolphin actually have slower loads afaik. the stable version is accurate to an actual gamecube.


According to the dolphin devs, the beta & dev versions actually have load changes to make it more accurate to a real gamecube/wii. Stable is less accurate, according to them

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