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People say that you can play this game on the original model of PS3. But I don't see any videos of the PS3 platform, so I have a feeling that people rather don't know or they are lying. Can i learn the truth, please? Can you play it on PS3?


On some of 'em

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1. Then why dont they add the PS3 platform on the leaderboard?
2. Thanks SuperSqank!



Oh boy

PS3 will never be a competitive console so it doesn't need a separate platform. It's still slow.

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SHiFT, your answer is not true! I watched Zaveguin's run and the loading times' speed was faster than GameCube.

So the load speed is like this:
Xbox>Xbox 360>PS3>GameCube>PS2

So it is not slow and it is worth adding PS3 a seperate platform


This is why I always regret responding to posts here... People who don't actually run the game think they know everything.

Xbox and Xbox 360 are the only fast consoles. Everything else is slow. End of topic, this thread is getting locked.

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