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I own BFBB on PS2 and The OG Xbox (Though my only method of playing it is through my Xbox 360.) Which of these consoles is easier to run on? (I know Xbox has faster loading) But i was wondering which console i should use for practicing?


I heard the X360 controller is pretty great, so I would recommend that. Besides, you don’t want to play on the PS2 since it’s painfully slow.

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You might as well learn on the faster console if you want a good time


Yeah, don't use PS2, loading screens are 8-10 seconds long. I'm a PS2 player


How fast are the loads on a BC PS3?


Don't know if you're still looking at this thread, but the original xbox is the way to go, because it's the fastest out of all the choices and if you eventually want to get a good time you'll want to get used to the original xbox controller.

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I personally recommend the X360, but anything that isn't PS2 is the preferred choice. The X360 is slower than the original Xbox by like a minute or so.


I tested it myself. The load times in BC PS3 is faster than GameCube, slower than X360

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