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Hello everyone!

So i've been speedrunning BFBB For a while and i decided to record it and submit it here.
But the problem is i don't have the hardware to record footage of my PS2 so i'm thinking to use an emulator,
but the last rule is giving me a question...
Is it actually allowed or not? And can you give me a bit more explanation about it?
( Sorry for the "stupid" question but i think my English is failing me again... )

Thanks in advance!

  [user deleted]

Emulators are allowed but your run will be rejected if it is faster than 1:15:00 if you use an emulator. So yeah they are allowed!


PCSX will probably give you an inaccurate time because of the loads. I recommend Dolphin if you want to submit for now, until you get a capture card.

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