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for some of the runs that have without loads do we just take out the time that we dont have control at all

for example
i did break of dawn and i just put the same time for both without and with loads. so for the times i dont have control from the deaths that are suppose to happen and the changing of characters should i just take some time off? or its fine just keeping it the way i have?

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ok from my understanding from watching cropax any% run is the only real loading parts are cinematics not death scenes like the 1st chapter... please correct me if im wrong cause im going to rewatch my level runs and time those that do have cinematic parts to put a time w/o loads instead of just having my time w/ loads only unless we not doing w/o loads any more


We leave cinematics in the final time since they will always be the same for everybody. The only things that you time out of your final time are loading screens since these can vary from pc to pc. Currently we don't have a load remover for the game to accurately time out the loads so until one is made we have to include the loads in the final time. This means that when you do an any% run the timer starts when you gain control for the first time and stops on final input at the end. Everything in between is included in the full time. You do not deduct deaths, cinematics or load screens.


No load remover made yet?


There hasn't been much activity so I doubt there has been major interest in actively creating one.

Of course that doesn't stop it from being made. If you have the experience and time feel free ?

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