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I suggest adding some rules to the levels


Well you could have something like

Timer Starts When You Press The Mission
Timer Ends After Black Screen and You Are In Mission Select

For the full game runs maybe add a difficulty category so Easy Normal & Hard in separate categories


well fair enough, ill just run it on hard then since i was on normal


Wouldn't be better if timer started as soon as the player is in the game (post cutscene/loading process) and has control of the character? so the speed of the computer and the loading screen wouldn't matter?


you could get rid of the w/ loads then


I have updated the rules to clarify when the timer starts and when it stops, depending on which chapter is played last.


When it says chapters can be done in any order. is this for the full game run?

I dont think you should be able to do the missions in any order......
It should be from start to finish in order.......


ok, just though it would make sense for the whole game run to be done from the first mission to the last mission in order but what ever floats your boat i guess


As long as you do all the chapters, the order in which you do them will not impact the final time in any way. Some people might prefer starting with Chapters 3-5 and then ending with 1-2 if they want to save the plane and tank missions for last. If you prefer doing them in the normal order, by all means go ahead.


Hey! I wanna speedrun this game, but I don't really know the whole process. I've never done a speedrun, so any tips on set-up and whatever would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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As of right now there aren't really any special tricks or anything like that for the speedrun if that's what you mean. Most levels you can just run past the enemies without fighting anyone and others you just complete the objective.

The best program to use for timing the run would definitely be "Livesplit". Just download the program, make a timer for bf1, add splits if you want (not necessary but can be nice if you want to do several runs of the game to see how you're doing compared to your last run). Look at the rules if you aren't sure about when to start/stop the timer.

There is not any 'special' process for speedrunning. Just start the game and the timer and off you go 😉

If you have any questions about anything, whether it's related to the game, the run, livesplit or speedrunning in generel, feel free to ask 🙂

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