Current goals:

Bathroom PA 1|
All Slaughterhouse PA 1\'s|
Moon PA 1 (Vending machine)|
Alpha Section Underground Q Meca Impulser|
Slaughterhouse Trolley Entrance Meca Impulser|
Picture all Sapiens|
Picture 3 bosses|
Picture Ignis Ignifera (red fire creature)|
Picture Helix Rupestris (shell thing)|
Picture Amoeba Polypodia (Black Isle after lowered ramp)|
Picture Astacus Erectus (Walking on 2 legs insect thing)|
Complete 2 races|
Clear Alpha Laser maze|
Complete 2 looter caverns|
Get Francis\' Pearls (hockey minigame) (2!)|
Picture all whales & mantas (4)|
Get all M-disks except the Minigame ones, and Animal species one.|
Beat the game|
Clear the slaughterhouse|
Buy all the buyable pearls|
Kill all 3 serpents|
Obtain the beluga|
Enter Space|
Beat the hidden ball game 5 times|
Perform an OOB|
Obtain all keys|


Use this link for the current card generator.

When playing bingo, streaming your card is required!

If you have any further ideas, or there are some balancing issues, leave a message here.


So at last can look at this more and think about that bingo.

With PA-1 and Meca Imp, its good to left specific ones like the lighthouse / moon PA-1 but for Meca Imp I would suggest only that one from Volcano after you get beluga. I somehow don't think that getting other non specific PA-1.

About photos. can't say much about it. Like getting all humans photo (hybrid also) or all bird, all insects etc. But can't say much more, because I don't remember how many of the species there are, and how many photo it take to complete 1 species.

Complete 1-2-3-4 race, do Looter cave 1-2-3-4

Win 2 pearl from Francis (that shark men playing the game)

Get specific Mdisk - or all of them, or 0 I dunno about that. Some of them are easy to get (the report from Ming-Tzu or Newspapers) so maybe get few specific, we need to think a bit more about that one.

Buy all buyable pearls, thats good one if only there was more to buy, because for now its for me means the same as playing and finishing the game. But idea was nice.

All key card is good, but the beating the hidden ball game 5 times from Mdisk is bad one.
If I remember right, you can't beat that game. After you get to the end, it just start from the start but it just move faster, can't be wrong about that thou.

perform oob, is kinda stupid.

Still in the end, we need to think more about the Bingo, so someday we will get good one.


Are people still bingoing? Would love to play you Luoth, we met at BSG7 😉.


Well, I and luoth did bingo once, and that's all.

I think this bingo could use a lot more work, and like better goal, but yeah we could do bingo, and maybe a race at last hahahah.

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