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Hello, I took a look at MetroidMcFly's 100% run and made an outline document if anyone is interested.

Please let me know if there are any inaccuracies...its hard to catch all the item swaps with that menuing speed 😛

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I've just realized that there is already an excellent picture guide by Koston for the 100% route. I wish I would have found that first! Perhaps my document can serve as a supplement to Koston's guide.


Btw just wanted to say thanks for putting this together and adding it to the guides section. Someone mentioned to me that they found this useful so it's definitely nice to have.

Also I basically just tried to copy PJ so I won't take credit for the route I was doing. 😃

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I just submitted my own step-by-step version that I developed using CritRocket and Koston's guides. It just grew out of notes I was making while learning the route and following their guides, and reorganized in a way I could follow easily while playing. I also added a bunch of notes to clarify for other people to understand my format. Just thought I'd share if anyone else finds my format useful.

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