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All Bart Bonte games (Or at least a hand full of them). Possibly all games which have a page. Been wanting a longer run for Bonte games but everyone maxes out at 30 sec. - 2 min. I would definitely run a category like this if it were a thing! 😃

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I will not be adding the category if it is incomplete, such as "all on" as any game can be added at any point given a run is done of the game. However, if you do end up doing a run of all of the games listed below in one run, I will add the category for you.

song for a bird
blocky xmas
cat in japan
what's inside the box?
christmas cat
where is cat?
sugar, sugar 3
sweet drmzzz
pixels for christmas
in drmzzz
a bonte christmas
me and the key 3
off to work we go
a block christmas
sugar, sugar 2
sugar, sugar, christmas
factory balls 4
14 locks
sugar, sugar
factory balls, christmas
me and the key 2
a bonte escape
factory balls 3
full moon
must pop words
me and the key
factory balls 2
factory balls
a bark in the dark
loose the moose
chicken grow
fields of logic
seen on screen
free the bird
the bonte room 2
the bonte room

Also, if you did end up doing this, your run would be removed once he releases another game. Considering his most recent game is from December of last year it could be at any time.

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Possibly grouping of the categories on this page. Ex: All color games and Bonte Cat games, etc. Maybe even games from certain years. I might try some runs in the far future just some room for thought. 😃


Nobody's stopping you from following up a cats run with a colors run, but that doesn't mean they need a combined category

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Your right, just a thought that I had. I would like to try a longer run anyways. Most likely will post in the forums instead of as a category. 😃

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