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Note: All versions of Bayonetta compete in the same categories and are timed in real time.

If you start running Bayonetta, it is highly recommended that you run it on PC, as it has a near constant 60FPS and minimal/ non existant loading times.

Should you run it on console, then the order from best to worst system to run it on is probably:
Switch/ Xbox One
Xbox 360
Wii U

As you go down the list, the game is going to have more framerate problems at times and longer loading screens. Also keep in mind, that installed versions of the game run smoother than physical copies.


Now that Bayonetta is on PS4, where does it stand as far as console performance listing above?


While I've not seen any PS4 footage yet, but if it's about the same as the XBone (the new release) one, then the load times are about 2-3 seconds at most, which makes them best console versions right now.

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Thank you.