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There is some misunderstanding between current any% categories. I mean current category is called any% (no ww).
This is not correct. Because technically the bike glitch and rat skip are also wrong warps. It could be better to call it no credit warp I think.
Another problem is that there are some people who don't like these major skips and called it not a true any%.
I know, it's too difficult to make decisions in Battletoads for what is good or bad in current speedrunning routes.
Maybe we need to make another category without wrong warps? So it would be like any% without skipping the bike glitch and the rat.
As for me it's too boring category but some people would like a new category without wrong warps. So what do you think about it?
And sorry for my bad english 🙂

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I think those people who want to see a new category could create a thread here at the forums where they can submit and keep track of their times. If enough people find the category interesting and start submitting times, it can then be added to the actual leaderboard. If there's only a few very mediocre runs submitted, I see no reason for a new category.

About the "no ww" vs. "no credit warp" naming, I don't really have an opinion. Both are fine imo.


None of those are wrong warps. In both instances you're just activating the trigger that ends the stage you're currently in.
My understanding of the "textbook" definition of wrong warping is to use some sort of stage exit and repurpose it to take you somewhere else - thus the "wrong" warp. In the case of credits warping in Battletoads, the game takes you to the ending sequence instead of the intro screen, so the intended action is replaced with the "wrong" one. On the other hand, the intended result of spawning the object that ends the stage is loading the next consecutive level, which is exactly what happens - it's just done earlier than expected.

Very good point. I'd just like to add that Rat Race has some very challenging tech right now that jay_cee found about (the ledge dashing), which would be rendered pointless to try for if you had to complete the whole stage with the boss fight included. Not to mention the floor skipping that is frame perfect. The competitiveness of a category like that would be drastically reduced, so unless the demand for it were to explode, such additions would be overall detrimental, I feel.

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I concur that I never thought of the bike and rat skips as a wrong warp since it is only triggering the end of stage earlier but it takes you where it is intended. I also concur that if enough interest develops in a no major glitches category then and only then do I think the category should be created. One could probably also argue for a no out-of-bounds category for the stage with ducks just before the rat race. But essentially, all people would be doing is creating what any percent was at one time but is no longer. Anyone can play the game anyway they want.

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