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I've been dreading bringing this up for years.

TL;DR the question is at the bottom.

So a few years ago, Koh1dendy came up with this:

Despite there not quite yet being the possibility of the floor clip in stage 4 with Zitz, the stick we can materialize with him makes it still considerably faster than our current WR with Rash.

Koh has also proven several times it can be done in single-segment RTA:

The problem is it is much, much rarer for a run to finish. I recall Koh said the turbo tunnel skip with Zitz is triple frame perfect, and that there's a 9 out of 10 chance the game will crash in stage 9 with the standard out-of-bounds trick. So the only reason the top players haven't done this yet is because we simply haven't had the balls.

But then this raises the issue about the two toads having two different properties, thus arguably being two different runs. Which, of course, raises the question about whether it would deserve its own category.

So since we've never really had this discussion in an open forum, I ask you all if we could discuss and possibly form a conclusion --

If somebody were to beat the current WR with Zitz using the stick in stage 4, should that run be placed in our single main category alongside Rash runs, or do we create two separate categories for the two toads?


Ah thank you. I'm curious if this run were #1, what would the community decision be?


Both toads should be in the main category, because any% is any%, I am against separation. There's already too many categories with 1-2 runners, zitz% will become the same "meme" category, because of the difficulty of completing the run. In addition, the differences between the two toads are extremely slight. I hope the next WR will be 12:2x with yellow toad and it will be fair.


I'm for sepparating. Because why not? I think sepparate category will give more motivation for people to get WR for the yellow toad. Anyway, if the yellow toad will beat green toad wr it should become the main category of the game and true WR. It's much harder to get a good time for the yellow toad. So it's really challenging and I think people deservse their own category for this.
P.S. And it will also give possibility to speedrun for different toads. I think some people want speedrun for both yellow and green.


i'm for sepparating too. Chance to get another WR in this game Kappa


Two different toads - two different approaches to the runs ... But on the one hand, you can start with Zitz without any manipulations, so this can be combined into a category with Rush, but with marks for which toad in you run. Those who are against unification understand that if it was easy to run after a yellow toad, then everyone would have used it earlier in runs.