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Here i gonna try to explain how to make old wrong warp from bikes to ice with Zitz and maybe explain why it's so hard Kappa

Here is fast explanation of the best known way of doing it:

1.After you fall into the pit with the bike without grabbing checkpoint you gonna respawn at the beginning of the level. Hold left before you respawn and keep holding it until you touch left side of the screen

2.As soon as bike touches the ground press jump. The more consistent you make this jump the better chances you have of getting the glitch.

3. Then you have jump over first pit. The more consistent you make this jump the better chances you have of getting the glitch. I use background dirt or something to make this jump more consistent. Like as soon as bike touches that dirt i press jump

4.You have to fall into the next pit in really particular way. Actually, everything you have to do is just start holding right at the correct moment. The actual window for holding right are 1 frame. And that 1 frame fluctuates in 3-4 frame window. And if you ruined previous jump or even just get unlucky bounce pattern pretty rarely it don't work no matter what. So this is the hardest part of getting the glitch

And if you do it correctly the flash thing from the end of the last stage should spawn. Screen should blink with white, there should certain sound and Toad should fly out the pit and actually survive that fall. Here is video demonstration of it:

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So in conclusion. Yellow toad can save about like 15 seconds in the main legacy% category. Yep. It's much harder to play than with green toad, but that's the fastest known route and it's actually doable. Obviously, i can't take wr with it because 15 seconds not enough for me. I'm gonna lose much more time on later stages, because i'm bad at this game. But there should be someone who really loves the game and he or she would pull of WR with this route one day Kappa That's gonna be real wr showing real strats, not an easy stupid grind for easy wr with green toad KappaPride Not the other way around as green toad people says

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I decide to make separate post to explain what's the difference between Toads and how it's work.

So here is the main difference between toads:

So you fall with the bike into the pit without grabbing checkpoint, then you respawn at the beginning of the level. If you play as green toad and you just try to play level without falling into the pits or anything then near the second island green toad gonna hit something that i called "invisible glitched thing" LUL It always there for green toad. I don't know if it's real object like glitched checkpoint or something. But when green toad gets to the second island then toad's "properties" gets completely destroyed. You can see on the video as soon as green toad touched that invisible thing - toad disappears from the screen and then appears on the top of it. Like even toad's coordinates gets messed up. But the most important thing that after touching this thing if toad dies then it respawn WITHOUT RESTARTING the level and you still can spawn 1-3 objects by falling into the pit after that. That what makes skip to the ice so easy with green toad. But for the yellow toad as you can see there are no such "glitched invisible thing". There are no way to get same state for yellow toad when you still can spawn objects and toad respawns without restarting the stage.

Next thing. Let's look how the flash at the end of the last stage works. It's important because we skip bike level by spawning this exact object from the end of the last stage Kappa

You can notice that when toad touches that object called "revolution flash" it jumps up extremely high by itself. I didn't press jump at all.

Next thing. There are also a glitch in the game where you can jump out of pit. It's done by pressing jump when Toad have Y coordinate = 255. However, toad can fall faster than 1 pixel per frame. So it can like jump over that 255 coordinate. Like for example it falls 2 pixels per frame.
Frame 1 => Y pos = 252
Frame 2 => Y pos = 254
Frame 3 => Y pos = 256 = toad are death
So here is no frame where toad was on Y = 255

Here is the earliest video demonstration of that.

So, to summary everything. You die on a bike without touching checkpoint then after you respawn at the beginning of the level you can spawn random objects by falling into the pit. The object that will spawn when you fall depends on where you fall. The goal is to spawn object from the last stage that ends the stage. However, when you are on the bike and you die you gonna respawn with restarting the stage. So if you just fall into the pit and spawn revolution flash and you die then you respawn BEFORE that flash thing ends. Nothing really gonna happen. That restart of the stage process gonna interrupt revolution flash. However, for the green toad there are "glitched invisible thing" that gives you status where you respawn without restarting the level. So for green toad everything you have to do: first touch that "glitched invisible thing" and then you can easily spawn revolution flash with death and it will work because toad gonna respawn without restarting the stage.

But for yellow toad you can't get that status where you can die without restarting the level and still be able to spawn things. So the only known way to skip the bikes for yellow are actually survive the fall. And to do that you have to spawn revolution flash while you are on that 255 Y coordinate. If you do that then revolution flash are gonna send toad to the skies preventing from dying. But there are a lot of problems with that.
1. Revolution flash spawns from really small part. It's like 1 or 2 pixels wide or somehting
2. When you ride a bike on flat surface it bounces up and down. So it's hard to start falling from same Y coordinate and so it's hard to always hit that 255.

So the way of doing it described in first post should be pretty good, because toad's vertical speed gonna be pretty low so it gives better chance to hit 255 and those 2 jumps are gonna decrease fluctuations in bike's bounces etc. Unless new way of doing it will be discovered it should be pretty good Kappa

Sorry for bad English. Oh, also there are a lot of assumptions, but this still should be pretty accurate explanation of whats going on Kappa

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