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I contacted him trying to find out what happened, but the language barrier is a problem. I managed to google translate something about haters, and apparently TGR is no longer confident his run is WR? I think it's quite exceptional that he managed to achieve the credits warp on a gut feeling alone, especially with how much effort it took him, and so that should be recognized. Does anyone know anything about the situation? He also says the run was done on Nestopia 1.40, so I can't see how any illegitimacy could be at play.


TGR deleted this run on his own, because a certain person accused him of the illegitimacy/unreliability of this emulator run. The same person says that it is impossible/almost impossible to make a credit warp with a green toad and asked to make another credit warp for a green toad with some proofs (showing inputs and record the movie for analysis). So TGR just decided to leave this category, that's all I know.


I see. Well, if it was a TASer who accused him, then the frustration is understandable, but they should've been aware that the game tends to have RNG in unexpected places as the well as plenty of variability in the way the hoverbikes float, which further affects these outcomes. For example, I clearly recall TMR teleporting back to the beginning of Turbo Tunnel one time - which I never experienced myself. If the strat at the time was to simply mash inputs and a bout of luck happened, then it has to be accepted as such - we certainly already know that the game is quite volatile with its coding ( comes to mind).

We have no reason to believe TGR's achievement isn't valid. There's nothing "doubtful" about it compared to what we already know - despite our knowledge being far from complete. I hope TGR realizes taking runs down just because of a random whiner's displeasure only harms the community and reduces the odds of more research ever being done. If you can convey this to him in Russian, then please do if you don't mind.


I admit that I have not read the entire thread, but a skills test is ok to request of any one for any reason if the verifier thinks it would add credability.