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Here i'm gonna try to explain how to spawn stick with Zitz Kappa

First of all i don't know how it exactly works, but seems like it depends on how two Snowmen trow their snowballs and how exactly you scroll the level => it means you have to make particular fall after first checkpoint as consistent as you can. I was trying to make fall strategy to eliminate as many fluctuation as possible. That was like the main goal. So here what i do:

1. I'm trying to cross checkpoint while running and i run all the way down the slope

2. After landing on first platform i'm trying to stay on it some particular time. It's important because you already spawn first snowman, but seems like second snowman didn't spawned yet. So by staying on this platform you can shift first's and second's snowman's trows relative to each other. I'm trying to determine time on this platform by distance i'm running on it. Because you have to press Forward + Forward to run and different people can press it with different speed you have to find distance that works for you by experiments.

3. After you start falling from first platform - don't try to cut corner of the platfrom too much. Try to land somewhere on the middle of the second floor and then RUN to the right. After you start falling from second platform then it's better to make a headbutt mid air. It's because by doing headbutt you can buffer left press to move to the left on the third floor. You don't have to do headbutt, but it's gonna be really hard to stay exact time on the third platform without it

4. So you hold left while headbutting. After you land on the third platform and when you start moving to the left - make a full height jump to jump over snowballs. DON'T TRY TO RUN. Just hold left. If you try to run here or try to make dash jump you gonna ruin it

5. After you start falling from third platform it's very important not to cut corner. You really want to move to the left a little bit in the air. That's because when you land on the 4th floor you really want to scroll screen from left to right a little bit. Then, after landing on 4th floor, you have WALK to the right. Just start hold right in the air and keep holding it on the platform. Then on the edge of the 4th platform you have to do really specific punch. Like you punch in the air and toad should have momentum to the right. It could be really hard to do that kind of punch. If you punch and fall almost straight down then you ruined it. Toad should like fly to the right while punching. That's why i jump in the middle of 4th floor. Because if i land right on the edge of the platform and punch i almost always get that punch. But you can do it without jump. You just have to get that particular punch when toad flies to the right really fast. Also if you do it right - then you can see that second snowman start trowing snowball almost at the same time as you start falling from 4th platform and you can hear that first snowman trows snowballs too.

6. If you do it everything correctly than stick should appear while punching to the right. BUT it can appear and immediately despawn. So while right punch happening i'm already holds left and i'm trying to make left punch. When you do that toad gonna swing the stick to the left. That's gonna prevent stick from despawning. It can't despawn while you swing it

So it's all about practicing the fall. And yep. It's possible to find better setup. For example if you can make so called ledge dash from second platform, then you gonna land right in front of second snowman. And when you do that snowman gonna try to hit you instead of trowing snowballs. And then if you run on 4th platform you can just barely made to the edge of the platform one snowball cycle earlier. So even if someone gonna find better setup with ledge dashes it's gonna be too hard to be consistent at them Kappa

And here is some videos:
- this is a tas shows strats
- and here is one of successful attempts on real console

So at the end it's relatively precise, but not that hard. If you got good snowball trows, good movement on 4th platform, good punch => that's increases chances of getting stick to like 95%. I saw how some people DON'T EVEN TRY to copy this fall. They do some random shitty fall (like "look how fast i play this section") that causes bad snowball pattern and then they say "i got this one in 1 bijllion tries" LUL Ofc it wouldn't work with random shitty fall. Don't trust them. You can do it consistently after some practice LUL

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Want to preserve this post for how to get trough ice stage with the stick

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This is great Koh, grats on doing it