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The level where you drive the car and fall down.
There is glitch , but i don't know how to do it.


like he did in this video 57 second


maybe someone will explain


Sorry to hear the glitch gave you so much trouble.

A lot of the casual runners of this game used to simply hold right after dying for the first time on the bike, and until they died again. That method is sort of a baby strat and probably works around 50% of the time. Very easy to learn, but obviously flawed, so I'll post the two other methods.

For clarification: whether the glitch will be successful depends on the RNG of the hover pattern on the bike (specifically the height at which the bike is positioned at the moment of entering free fall). Since there is no known way to make it consistent in RTA, the idea was to find something that works across most of the patterns.

The old-new method:
After respawning, jump near the line in the background in an around 5 frames window. Doesn't have to be too precise, but don't do it too late for optimal results. Then, double tap to dash forward near the edge. The first tap of the double tap is supposed to be done at the same time the bike bottoms out its hover. You just have to make sure you dash forward before the bike starts free falling in its neutral position basically. After that, as you are dashing, press jump when near the bottom of the screen to cancel the dash status on the bike into walking speed (again, a consistency thing).

Unfortunately, sometimes the following thing happens, which results in failure, unless you react and do different inputs instead:

Basically, you just do nothing instead of dashing forward until 0:10. Then, you hold down-right for about half a second.

The new-new method:
Work in progress, sort of. Similar, possibly better consistency, and it's no longer needed to react like in the previous setup. Just hold left, jump twice in the same 5 frame window against the background, and hold up for 15 frames or so when near the edge. Tapping forward afterwards seems to help slightly as well, but it's hard to say what's objectively optimal given the random nature of the whole thing.

And that's about it. For reference: 6 frames equals a tenth of a second.

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I think Tionic forgot to mention that once you actually die and hear the death sound, you need to hold left to activate the glitch.