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Can we get Categories for Any% No Level Skip, and Co-op Any% No Level Skip, because that's what all of the runs here currently are. The difference in the categories, in case you don't know, in levels 1 and 2 of every act in all chapters, you can just quit the level and move on to the next one. This means you only have to complete 5 levels in every chapter instead of 11.


For reference, this is what a run of true Any% looks like.


Ok, I have changed the names for the two categories and added Any% and Any% Co-Op. I also have added your Any% run to the leaderboards. Sorry for taking time to do so and getting back to you.


Hi here, i'm a potential new runner of Battleblock Theater (i'm learning strats and routing the game atm), will the Insane difficulty option will be possible to enter when you submit a run, like the region or the platform, that would be so cool because it's very different from the regular difficulty ! (more punitive)

Then, question to others runners, for the 100% solo category, when does it start ? The rules says "Timer starts after selecting weapons" but the start on an empty file is different as a 100% save (like the 100% coop run, they start the timer not at the real beginning of the game). Any answers about this ?

Ty for understanding, and btw, sorry for my bad english 😕


Hello, I'm not sure if the Insane difficulty option will be possible like the way you describe it. If we were to add Insane difficulty, we would most likely just add it as a category.

For all categories you do not have to start from an empty file, you just need a completed file with all the weapons. It would be a hassle to start from a new file; If you were route the category with a specified weapon, it would be RNG if you got it from the vendor when you needed it.

You can see where the timer starts in LordHorlamin's or ShadowLinky's Any% NLS runs. Any% NLS and 100%'s timers start at the same place.

I'm sorry if there's some confusions in my answers or if i didn't answer question correctly.

Also, if you are going to run 100% where are you at? I'm on Chapter 5 and Pj (one of the people who has done co-op runs) has videos on youtube of 100% route up to chapter 4. You can find them here . I'm hoping we could talk about the routes together. Thank you.


Hey, thanks for the quick answer, it's more clear for me now ! 🙂

I'm just starting the speedrun on this game because i loved it in Casual on Xbox 360 1/2 years ago and now i can play and stream it on Steam.

I just discovered all the boomerang strats, a powerfull weapon in speedrun but the timing is really difficult for me at the moment, like the energy ball skip (I even wonder if sometimes it's not too much for the risk & reward). So i'm currently on Chapter 1, learning slowly the route.

And yeah i saw some of PJ's videos, they seems very helpfull and I hope i'm gonna improve my skill with these "weapons".

Finally and just in case, have you any idea for a possible estimate, for the total time of a 100% run ?

Anyway, thanks for your help, nice to see a little community on this awesome game ! 😊



About the boomerang, I've been keeping it through out the route and change weapons with the energy ball slot.

At this moment, I have no estimate. I'll do a practice run up to Chapter 5 and post it when i do it.

And yea, it is great to see this game to start having a community.


So I went to actually do a run of 100% (even though i didn't route 7 and 😎 but wasn't able to finish. I think the a run might be around 3:30 but I'm not really sure.


To comment on your point of when the timer should be started, if you look at the beginning of my run vs any other run you can see that I actually get the intro scene that the others don't it takes about an extra 1:20 at the start of the run, and since that is where the game really starts I think that should be included.
The way steam saves info on games can be weird, your weapons are actually saved through steam regardless of your local files, they talk about it here:
What I actually do is a little different, you have to turn of syncing data with steam and I just have a copy of my save file with no levels beaten and just copy that in every time.


So um i just got this nasty world one run on Xbox its a 8:22 flat from what i found so far my run is wr currently i think check it out and i believe that W1 speed runs should be a category 🙂 message back for more detail


Sorry for taking a while to respond.

About the data and start of the run, it would be good for us to do that but I'm sure it would get tedious to keep doing that if we were to reset or finish runs. We could open a poll and vote on it as a community.

About the Chapter 1 runs, I feel as if it wouldn't be right to add it as a category because it's very short and it would probably be better if it was just considered an Individual Level category. I will add it as a Individual Level if wanted.


Yeah that sounds good you can add me as the level leader 🙂 thank you @shadygamerfreak


1 more thing do you take runs even if i don't have splits on screen? ill be doing any% no level skip


I want to say yes if you upload the splits to and submit it with the run but not sure tbh.


Any kind of timer will make it easier, but it's not required. As long as we can get the vod to time it ourselves if needed, it's fine. Which means I should probably start using Amarec.


LordHorlamin made a fair point, but I would have to respectfully disagree.

In my opinion, all categories should start from a completed file. Messing with steams settings is not worth the additional 1.5 minutes of getting to chapter 1. However, it's a fair measure to prove the runner has completed the levels. I think it's open for a vote. Same with adding insane difficulty speedruns.


So does this mean that exiting the level in the final cut-scene with the throne then it bringing you straight to the credits would be allowed? You know, instead of walking to the boat.


Yeah I would agree with that. The only reason I did runs without that time saver is because I was unaware that you could do that.


I'm sorry if this has been resolved already -- but where are we currently standing on the "starting the run from a completed file vs getting the first cutscene" matter? I'm looking into running for Any% NLS myself, so I'd like to know for sure.