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Hey there all,

So on the Xbox version at least, once you finish Chapter 8's finale and end up in Hatty's throne room, you can exit level like you would exit a secret level, and it will take you to the ending cutscene, skipping about 25 seconds of basically autoscroller where you pick Hatty up and run to the boat.

Would this be allowed in a run, or would it fall short of actually rescuing Hatty?

Haven't actually done it in a run yet due to fear of DQ's

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I've actually mentioned this a while ago and it seemed to go unnoticed. I hadn't done it because of that exact reason. Some other opinions on this would be great.

It's doable on PC as well.

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Yes, it's been known that exiting during or after the "saving hatty" cutscene triggers the credits. However, the final split/time has always been at the first frame of touching the boat after said cutscene. Changing this to a pause exit would not only require retiming of every full game run, but it would cause a variant end time in a manner that would be unfair and counter-intuitive in future runs.

That being said, this suggestion would be congruent to asking runs to end upon landing on the exit block of Chapter 8 Finale 2, as that would require no pause exits to begin with. Having runs include the final walk to the boat is the way it's always been done, and skipping a '25 second autoscroller' would be rather pointless, seeing as it's impossible to choke during that segment. Many games include "post-gameplay gameplay" in similar fashions, and including an few dozen constant seconds in the span of an hour-and-a-half run will not be detrimental on any leaderboard, personal best, or world record.


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