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Can we add both individual and complete runs with no level skips using the challenge game mode in arcade? it would a shorter run for most part and all the levels have in game timers meaning we could do it without loads if eventually. I would post some runs to get things started if anyone else is interested.

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Hey tandrewbrown! Challenge mode is actually my personal favourite category to run, both for IL times and full-run times. Due to the levels being designed specifically for speedrunning purposes, there are a TON of different routes and extremely difficult techniques you can employ. Slippy5 (Slippy318 on YouTube) and I have extensively routed and optimized the challenge mode levels. I also have personal bests written down (though not recorded) and could write a guide for each challenge mode level, if anyone shows the desire for one.

I'll try to figure out how to format a new section dedicated to challenge mode when I get some spare time. For the time being, absolutely link to some runs! I would love to see what strats you use.

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Slippy's strats are what got me into playing challenge mode. I haven't done many recorded runs though but I'd be happy to do more and post them if you make category for them.


Alright, I've added Challenge as a Level Leaderboard category, and along with it, fifteen misc. IL categories. Due to limitations in the leaderboard design itself, this is the only way (to my knowledge) to prevent each chapter from having a ridiculously cluttered categories list.

Best of luck!

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Awesome, thank you. I will try to get decent run up soon to spark some other people's interests.

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Can you post some times/link to Google doc that has some of the better times for each level and start they used so we can have a sort of set of running tutorials? Like for each level besides just Skippy's videos.


I would prefer to not post personal bests on the leaderboards without recorded videos, so I'll list my pb for each level here. I'll do a more detailed write-up on each level when I get some time to do a proper guide.

Level 1 - Pastel Pursuits

Level 2 - Duel Elements

Level 3 - Champion Stew

Level 4 - The Runs

Level 5 - Flight of Fancy

level 6 - Slow or Go
Left path: 22:73
Right path: 24:16

Level 7 - Trial and Error

Level 8 - Ups and Downs

Level 9 - The Challenger

Level 10 - Crash Course

Level 11 - Boom Room

Level 12 - Fun with Fans

Level 13 - Racy Days

Level 14 - Soloperation
18:88 (I think this is close to perfect)

Level 15 - Trigger This

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Due to a few requests, I think it's reasonable to allow Challenge mode IL runs to be submitted without video. They're short enough and will be more accessible this way. Full-game and Chapter runs will still require video, however.


Why don't we just require the post-it note to be screenshot?


Some players don't have access to a camera (myself included), and I have a good idea of the fastest times possible for each level. I'll believe you if your times are within reason. But feel free to do so. 🙂


i am 3 to 4 seconds off every level for most part, i will post when i get better. It's not worth me posting slow times even if have video or screenshots to go with them. If i get some nice times i will definitely submit them.


Awesome! Looking forward to seeing your strats. Don't worry about being a few seconds behind, though. We all run against the game time, not against other runners. A leaderboard is just a glorified list of PB's.

Oh, and do you play on PC or Xbox? I'm on console myself. We could discuss routing and such. Are you familiar with omega boosting (wall jumping)? It's extremely useful in a variety of level designs.


PC with an xbox controller for the most part. I am familiar with it and it's something i really don't go for because i am still trying to get "basics" down before being for crazy stuff like those two frame tricks, spike jumps, and stuff.
I do have the game for xbox but i really haven't done much with it. I don't even have it hooked up right now and the last time i paid for live was a few years ago.


Gameguy, how many pause switches do you use in Boom room? Energy ball and something to break the explosive block right?


In Boom Room, I only use the force ball, and I use it twice - once to get up the wall before the first checkpoint, and once on the bottom right to wall jump from standing on the ice through the right side of the clouds. I go under the breakable blocks at the end; you can walk off and have the lava block bounce you right under and use your double jump to reach the other side faster.


interesting, you should really make those guides at least text ones for each level.