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Do you need to start with a fresh save to do an any% run or you can use a pre-ended game (every level already cleared)?


You can do runs with a fresh file or an already finished game for any of the categories. It does not matter which.

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Not trying to bust anyone's balls but I think this leaderboard lacks some vital information making it a pain in the ass for newcomers. How about an "everything you need to know to get started" thread? Especially for PC, limiting frames isn't common enough knowledge to go without a guide. Limiting frames isn't exactly a common thing to be done in a game. Enabling V-Sync isn't even listed in the rules, yet it's a rule! It may be obvious to you veterans but to a new comer, this is kind of vague.


A basic guide on how to limit your framerate using a third party program is literally the only thing in the guides section, and framerate requirements and limitations are actually rather common in PC speedruns. Enabling V-sync was listed in the rules but because of higher refresh rate monitors this was changed to a 60 fps limit to be more specific.

Been thinking about doing a basic tutorial video for a while and I do like the idea of a quick start thread, but for now there are plenty of people here more than willing to answer any question a newcomer might have.

EDIT: Replaced the old Dxtory text guide with a video explaining the situation and how to make sure everything is running as it should. It's not perfect but it should be plenty.

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