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My friend and I were doing attempts of insane chap 1 weaponless runs, and sometimes if you die really close to when someone exits, the game shows the swirl as if the level is going to reset, but then realizes the level is complete, so it only shows part of the swirl, like in 1:11 of the video. But in the first level at 0:30 when I try to die early, the swirl shows, but long enough to show Hatty as well, but then the level finishes. This somehow messes up the game and only gives us the time stamp in the end screen, saying we have no gems. This is a minor timesave, but this can potentially save quite a bit of time if a consistent method is found. I don't know if we're the first ones to find this glitch, but I'm showing it off just in case we are the first. I think this glitch occurs because I died at a specific time that the whole level reloaded, then the level got beaten, so the game thinks we beat the level right as we entered.

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Hmm. I've never seen this before, but if it's like any other glitches in the game, it's probably a simultaneous event glitch. That being said, it's possible this is a one-off thing, but I'll list a couple things of note:

- The client player beats the level, and host dies afterwards. This is likely important, knowing how host vs client latency is handled. Whatever happens in the host's game takes priority, even if it's not what happened on the client's game. Some examples of this include rock grab deaths and movable block clips.

- At 1:11, host beats the level, followed by client dying afterwards. Notice how much more abrupt the level transition is - There is no wait time, because host doesn't need to take any time to validate player 2's death.

It might be possible to find some sort of setup for this, but I'd predict it would either have significant variance from player to player, or would be some sort of frame perfect explosion that would cost you an entire level's worth of time if you're a frame late.

Feel free to experiment, though. Neat find.


IIRC PJ & Mecha used this in 7-7 at GDQ:


Darkid it doesn't seem like it. I didn't see any swirl, and the level said they collected all the gems. I think if he didn't switch heads you would've seen a swirl, but the gems were accounted for.


that's a cool thing to try and do for ILs. The gem stamps save you about 1 second per stage that has a clipboard cutscene. It's pretty cool if you wanna try your luck for a potential maximum of 9 seconds of timesave.