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I don't see why you'd need to change the refresh rate of the monitor--it shouldn't change the frame rate of the game.


Yes it does... That is the entire point of what I've talking about in the last few posts. If your refresh rate is higher than 60 Hz the game will run at 64 fps regardless of v-sync being on or off because the game will attempt to match the fps to the refresh rate of the monitor.

If you limit the framerate with software like Dxtory you obviously don't need to worry about it, but if you don't want to do that you will have to change the refresh rate to 60Hz and use v-sync to stay at 60 fps.


I thought that the rate on the monitor just displays how many visualizations are in-between so if you had a 120 Hz monitor it's technically frames of the same thing twice (limited by the game in this case, other games not so much). On the other side, if you used 60 Hz without v-sync, it'd miss a those 4 frames per second extra but still run at the same speed as 64 fps.


The refresh rate of a monitor only decides how many times per second the picture can update. On the lower end this basically means that on a 60Hz monitor you can run a game at 500 fps but you'll only ever technically see 60 of them. The monitor can't keep up with what your graphics card is chugging out, but the frames are still drawn.

On the higher end you can have your game running at 60 fps and the monitor will just keep drawing each frame twice on a 120Hz monitor like you said. The monitor is in this case limited by the harware, the game or other factors, not the other way around. If there are no such limitations a game will run at the highest fps it can, but again the monitor will only display 120 frames per second.

This game's lock is at 64 fps which means if the game will always attempt to run at and output 64 frames each second. V-sync works by limiting the fps of a game to the refresh rate of your monitor to eliminate screen tearing and with a refresh rate of 60Hz this means the game would be locked at 60 fps. If v-sync is disabled or the refresh rate is higher than 60 (v-sync will attempt to match the refresh rate of your monitor) the game WILL run at the highest fps it can - the hardcoded limit of 64.

I've explained 3 or 4 times now that v-sync will attempt to match the refresh rate of your monitor. Is your refresh rate higher than 60, then v-sync has nothing to limit to and essentially doesn't do shit, and the game will run at 64 fps. This is not complicated.

Can we stop talking about this now? I'm getting pretty sick of this being an issue.


Just a reminder that more than a month later nothing is changed.

I would like to know if something will happen or if we should be start aiming for sub 1:20 times for coop at 64 fps.


Don't worry, Prime and I have been running this again, uploading a run now


I'd just like to see this game have some actual established rules is all.


I just had a thought. Allow me to quote from the Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels rules.
"WiiVC times get multiplied by 59.824/60.098814 to adjust for the slower framerate."
Could we do something similar here?