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I really enjoy using the controller and want to get into battle block, do these two thing mix?


There isn't much difference between using controller, or keyboard.

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It all comes down to personal preference, above all else. You can learn to play at the top level on either. Certain directional inputs on keyboard are easier, though. Spike jumps, for example, are a little more consistent, but there's not a huge difference overall. Play with whatever you're comfortable with.


dude, controller can still do everything keyboard can but some skips and menuing things make running the game awkward. if i were to start the game again I'd learn keyboard as I personally believe it's superior. That's just my personal opinion on the matter. Your times won't be affected either way.


I think if you don't mind either way, go keyboard. But if you used to play with controller and using keyboard feels awkward and you play worse because of it, stick with controller. Keyboard is technically better, but not better enough to relearn a whole game because of it. This goes for any game really.