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Would it be possible to appoint a speedrunner of BBT to moderator status?
The current state of the leaderboards is lacking, and the categories are too split to promote any real competition of varying game settings (insane mode, for example). It would be much better to have someone who knows the game well to have the authority to edit categories and/or accept/reject runs. The acceptance of runs which play at 64fps should be a non-issue, but for some reason it persists as a question. To runners of the game the answer to this question is very clear.

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I 100% agree with you mate. I also think we should have at least (!) one active runner as a Mod, who actually cares about what's going on here.
On that 64FPS note - for some reason people know that it's an issue, and even though Spatula was able to figure out why that happens and what causes it (so we could make a set of rules), nothing has changed. Starting to get really frustrating, man 😕

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