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After discussion among the staff of both here and, we have agreed upon the following changes and alterations to the submission rules. Most of these changes won't affect anything you've been doing, but will clarify on previously confusing wording, unnecessary/redundant rules, and general run accessibility and convenience. Listed below are the most significant changes.

Challenge any% runs have had the run start timing changed to better resets. For Challenge Co-Op and Challenge Solo, the following rules have been modified, respectively.
Timing starts upon entry of the first level. This is to make for readily accessible resets, while the old timing required four players to start a new lobby in order to run again.

Timing starts upon entry of the first level. This is to make for readily accessible resets, while the old timing required you to exit to the main menu and navigate to the challenge select lobby in order to run again.

The names have also been changed from "Solo Challenge Any%" and "Co-Op Challenge Any%" to fit the full game naming scheme.

Challenge Solo
Challenge Co-Op

As far as video proof is concerned, we have also agreed that certain evidence is no longer required, strictly based on the position on the leaderboard claimed. For any of the full game runs (Any%, Any% No Level Skips, and 100% in both Solo and Co-op varieties), any new potential top 5 run submission requires video proof.
Due to lesser popularity, Challenge Solo and Challenge Co-Op only require video proof for a potential Top 3 position run.

- A Top 5 submission requires video proof

- A Top 3 submission requires video proof

Thanks for sticking with us, lately! It's awesome seeing the community grow lately, and if it weren't for you guys looking for new strats and actively running, we wouldn't have felt the need to update things for the better. There are a few more things currently in the works and being discussed, and we will keep you posted as more changes occur.

Anyone interested in being part of the active community, please feel absolutely welcome to use the BattleBlock Theater Discord invite link, which has been stickied in the forums.

Happy Running!


The following change (reversion) has been made and applied to all current relevant submissions after discussion in the community Discord server.

Any times submitted to the leaderboards with milliseconds included will be rounded down to the listed full second time. This is to cut back on any potentially inaccurate leaderboards rankings, and will make the reading the leaderboard easier. The option to add millisecond precision to submissions was only intended for Challenge Individual Level speedruns, and is going to be kept that way from now on.