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I plan to run this In Feb/March.. Using a mouse vs actual super scope hard ware should be a good reason to separate the categories.. Mouse makes it easier to aim.. super scope players should be in a realm of there own.. having to aim and sit there for 12+ mins 🙂 let me know what anyone else thinks..?


The reason I didn't separate it is because there's a whopping 4 people that run the game, one having never submitted times at all despite having ran it at GDQ. I didn't feel that there's a need to split it because the game simply has so few runners.

As for me personally, only reason I run emu at all, is I don't have the space, setup, or finances, to properly run it off of a console. The WR is faster on console than the emulator time right now, as well.

I am open to discussion on this though!

When you start running it, feel free to hit me up if you have any questions! I really do want to see more people running this game so don't let console vs. emulator deter you from learning it on whatever format you wish 🙂

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If no scope, no run IMO. Since when does a game, designed to be played with a scope, be allowed to go with anything else?
Minimum, separate the categories. If unable to play legit, then move on.
I'm about to jump into this and cringed as soon as I saw EMU was allowed.
Also, this is a superscope game... there will forever be a lack of active players lol


"If unable to play legit, move on." There is the problem that the Scope is effected by how it works on specific tvs as well. The signal isn't as precise on flat screens and I don't even know how it works with any modern televisions at all. You need an old, curved screen tv and those aren't always in ease of access. Also currently the WR stomps all the emu times as it is.

I also looked at the Yoshi's Safari leaderboards and they have emulated runs accepted there as well.