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I thought my youtube VODs were trimmed pretty well personally. Unless you're worried about maybe a 3 second lead in I thought they were all clean, lmk of any specific ones that aren't trimmed well. I tried to start right at the options menu or the title screen within reason.

I think the PAL NTSC thing is a bit over my level of research. If a PAL runner can indeed not get WR though I'd say splitting the boars in some way is fair.

I think either Any% or Very Easy 1 Round should be default.

I also think people shouldn't be setting their own HP above 100% for normal categories but no one seemed to mind. That said I think Gaia/Sho use should be allowed on any runs if we consider we allow the specials remapped to the shoulder buttons on lower difficulties.

Those are my 2 cents, sorry I didnt read absolutely everything but tried to catch up.

Either way, nice to chat with the other runners! Hi all!

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@NickDoaneNickDoane I was specifically referring to your Normal 1 Bout, Hard 1 Bout, and Very Hard 1 Bout runs.

Setting HP above 100% isn't that big of a deal IMO due to the fact that if I do go into the red I'm already losing time, this just guarantees more runs can finish as a death looses a lot of time. And if what we are thinking are the requirements for Sho to appear it may not be bad to use on higher difficulties.

In terms of using Gaia and Sho I think they would just break the run and take away a lot of the randomness with their overpowered projectile attacks that hit full screen. They are only accessed through a cheat code.

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Alright, so I talked and showed this off on my stream before. Gaia is absolutely broken, he can ring out any character in about 5 to 6 seconds, on top of doing more damage and hits in a single combo. Sho is a powerhouse, not as good but had some very silly attacks, where the rest of the cast cant catch up.

Basically they, Gaia and Sho, are secret boss character for a reason.

Ultimately if your a secret character that means you would be used for an ANY% category. This is a good standard thats been established.

Usually Any% is also for any rules are ok, change health, change damage, time, etc. its usually a goofy category but this always people who want to change the game settings to whatever they wish including rounds get set here.

I think in this case, ill keep 1 round bouts since thats what people like. However typically with fighting game time attacks, I always view it as pop in into the console and play the default. Then you can change the settings later. This game was never released in Arcade so I can’t hold it to the same arcade standards that are valued for some us game maniacs.

I’ll look for a better image for background, but i remember it being hard to find. I usually try and slightly match the games feeling or color to the theme of the game. Outside of the green default I am open to changing it. I think used the background image for silly quote on the box.

Lets keep this thread going, maybe others on the site will jump in to run this game.

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@AllAgesGamingAllAgesGaming To further go against your argument of PAL conversion this game does not run at a constant framerate no matter what the version. Certain actions such as supers that are used while being ringed out and going under Gaia's projectiles cause the game to slow down. The example can be seen here:

If you want to be competitive at this game simply get the NTSC ROM and play on NTSC. Both versions have slow down so a blanket "time conversion" won't really solve anything in the grand scale of things.

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