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His runs have been deleted accounts removed

EDIT: not proven faked just deleted


Hi! Where can I find evidence that they were faked?

He has already removed all his runs at least once or twice before, so this is nothing new.


Look I understand that records without video proof no longer existing is shady. I get that deleting one's accounts with said runs is shady too. But I just don't feel that's damning enough evidence here. As tako has already said, this is not the first time the guy has done this (Baize/Baize86 was his old alias).

I feel with the current evidence presented here, you were better off to simply politely request the time to be taken down because the video no longer exists.

Edit: the matter has been resolved. As tako and I guessed it was a matter of sumpura's times being removed from other leaderboards because his accounts were deleted and all the runs they contained. It was confusion on the OP's end and I'm glad we were able to at least clear up that misunderstanding.


It's a shame that his account don't exist anymore, but nothing indicates that his Batman runs were cheated. He streamed his attempts on Twitch and even started each attempt from the EverDrive menu showing that he wasn't playing on emulator.

Deleting his runs is up to the mods of individual games, but in this case it feels like erasing an important part of the history of the game.

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