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Hí, i was planing to run this game, but i see there is a glitch to jump that help to make the screen move faster. I was trying to perform this jump, but i cant make it work; someone knows exactly how to perform it?


The execution is quite simple. From TASVideos: "If you push the jump key on the exact right frame (one frame before you land) and don't press any of the arrow keys, the velocity of the previous jump transfers to the next one."

It's a pretty stupid 1-frame trick that's hard to do consistently, but it can save a bunch of time.

TAS: http:/​/​tasvideos.​org/​1458S.​html

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Thanks for the explication; now i able to make it work (i wasn't able to do it because i was pressing the direction buttons). I'll see if I can do a speedrun now 🙂