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Can you show me list of bugs in this game?


I have only really come across a few bugs as I've played. Nothing that would really help too much during a speedrun. Sometimes not being able to reverse when on the bike, characters moving around in cutscenes. There is a glitch that allows you to go out of bounds but it seems to take a long time and it's very precise. There's a video of it that I'll see if I can find.


if you mean a list of usefull bugs than I can't really help but I remember a lot, and most of them involve spamming spacebar or for me the scrollwheel.

spamming jump on the bike will increase jump height(Lower your frame rate to make this more extreme)
spamming jump will sometimes make you climb walls.
when jumping too high your player will reset on the ground
on low framerate you can glitch through gates.

wait I will show in a video how it will look like (pretty silly)

In the short amount of time today this is what i was able to record. Cheers!

oh wait, btw plz explain me why some of the main menus of the game have the nickelodeon watermark and some have not.

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(edited: )

I found ways to get on milk squirting high score places in a couple place but not all:

They don't really help for anything else but they do help for getting into spots that aren't reachable without milkweeds casually.

Edit: I did the out of bounds glitch myself and this was the result i got pretty interesting:

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This the out of bounds glitch allows return to the barnyard. Funny.

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There are other places like this funny enough it's just inconsistent.

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