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Hi, I'm Jake and I've recently started running the game and I've seen that the leaderboards aren't very active. I have a few questions about the run, though, regarding the rules.

The rules are quite short at the moment and only say it's RTA timing and that timing begins after character generation. Are there any rules regarding difficulty and other options? E.g. can you fully heal on rest, etc?

I'm currently writing a guide for the route, too, if anyone has any input.

I'm also more than happy to help moderate if necessary.



Hi Jake,
We've all kinda just run on normal, but I've been toying around with easy just so I don't occasionally die to a trap in Nashkel. In terms of other game options, I don't see a reason why anything would be forbidden outside of like console use. I'll find my notes if you're interested, just a google doc with the route I used for the time I posted. Glad to have you around, hit me up as you have questions or ideas.