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What does this have to do with speedrunning? It's just an unnecessarily long clickbait video that has the title how it is because he answers 42 to one of the hardcoded impossible questions at one point in the middle of the video.


Just wanted to share my initial experiences with Baldi's on a forum dedicated to it. If it's a problem, I don't mind deleting it.


Took the initial post down since it wasn't a speedrun and was just my first experience with the game. I might post again once I'm able to conduct a full speedrun. Thanks for the feedback.


There's loads of glitches in the game. Like the door glitch When playtime comes and you're standing in a middle of the door, when that door opens playtime automatically stops playing with you even tho she hasn't finished all 5 jumps with you.

There's another glitch where you stand beside a item and click another away far away.So basically just go to the lunch room, stand next to the right or left of the Bsoda and then click the chocolate farther away. It will just give you the item without you having to walk other and get the item. It can be used on any items, not just the lunch room. But the items have to visible to you or it'll not work.