Why is this on category extensions this is a demo.

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It’s also technically Baldi’s Basics.

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Cosmo aren't they're different games? Like after the 1st game of sonic there was made a demo to another sonic game, you're basically applying that but saying that they're both the same game...

Baldi's Basics and sonic both had the same character in the next game of them and they both had a demo, so you're classifying that every game which has the same character and has a demo is the same game??!

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It’s not a sequel, or a different game. It’s an add on to the same game.

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Weird that they made the other part of the game's demo has a completely different name and doesn't even give you a clue that that the other part of the game's demo is in the same game... It sounds like i'm saying that I don't believe you but that's just how I said it, I believe you.

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Mystman12 confirmed that in the full Baldi's Basics the Field Trip would be another part of the same game.


What a coincidence, they both have the same developer, playstyle and both have baldi in them. Kinda weird, don't you think