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as you can tell I have no clue how to use xmouse(as I don't have it) could somebody link a video on how to set it up for baldis basics(trying to get secret ending)


Sorry for necroposting, but here's how to use xmouse.
Step 1: Download X-Mouse. I cannot find a safe download link online because of websites like CNET and Softonic. <---- NEVER DOWNLOAD FROM THESE SITES.
Step 2: Setup X-Mouse
Step 3: Go to "Wheel Up" and "Wheel Down". Change both of these settings to "Enter".
Step 4: Click "Apply"
Step 5: Speedrun
Step 6: When done speedrunning, make sure to set "Wheel Up" and "Wheel Down" to " No Change (Don't intercept) ".
Step 7: Profit????