On death% 1.3 I uploaded a 22:11 and it was accepted a day later and it got removed why did this happen. It makes me angry when people do that before contacting me saying why they deleted it.


Your run was retimed by me using Youtube's frame-by-frame feature.

I am to blame for this, but hear out what I did. Knowing that your run was in 30 fps, 1 frame is equivalent to 0.033 seconds. In the end, I did four 5-second timeskips (20 seconds), two 30-frame skips (2 seconds), and 7 additional frames (.233 seconds), giving you a total of 22.233 seconds. Your run is not deleted, but obsolete, as you originally had a 22.21 beforehand.

Hopefully, you understand. Better to have it figured out sooner than later.


How do people do those such little short - cuts to even cut a couple of miller seconds? I bet humanly possible is like 25 miller seconds away from world record.