All wrong in endless?
You try to get as many notebooks in Endless but you need to get every question wrong on all of the notebooks you collect.
This could also be a category on the leaderboard that's not a category extensions, you decide.
You also decide if it's worth adding.

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Hey! IanTeb764! That's exactly what I said on my thread of category ideas!

Thread Saying That By Me: https://www.speedrun.com/baldice/thread/0h99o


It's a pretty good idea. If I was a moderator of the game I would add the category to the game.

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@GerogeMac, if you were a mod and wanted to add that category, you'd have to go over with other mods about it. I don't add random categories.

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If you haven't got any moderators.


And also decide with the moderators. It seems like a pretty cool idea.


Omega Cut the Rope

You have to collect all 3 scissors and use them all to cut the rope.

It may not sound cool (and it probably isn't) but it's just an idea i've been having.


Door% Open all doors not including exits.




uninstall% uninstall baldi's the fastest

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DatGuy requested a pretty decent idea. Maybe you should have a private talk about the idea.

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what about Gotta Sweep% (where you get pushed by gotta sweep) and Hug% (where you get pushed by 1st Prize)?
I mean,there are categories about having contact with most of the main characters,so why not?


Hug% would be unethical for 1.4 since the main spawn is the quickest spawn, therefor being a race to a specific location. However Sweep% can be understandable as it is more rng and takes a little bit of game knowledge rather than a simple race.

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