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So today I done a It's A Bully% run on Bandicam. I tried out Bandicam and saw if it was still laggy just for fun. I did a It's A Bully% run thinking that I wouldn't get wr but I did. I got 1:06. But it is REALLY laggy. And I mean REALLY. It paused for like 20 seconds and then when back still laggy. But anyways, it's laggy, but would lag really make a world record disqualified? I mean like if I did do good parts of runs and put them into a individual run, I ended up getting world record in a run anyways (not saying that I did do parts of good runs.) It was just a really good run and I would be kinda annoyed if it got rejected.


Well, I personally think that if the run is as laggy as you claim it to be, it should be rejected, but it is a possibility that the other mods have personal opinions, so I will wait for what they say over what I say.


Also there should be a glitchess% individual level in every category. Untopic.


And also again, it's not laggy, IT'S REALLY LAGGY.


Youve had a lot of runs rejected because of lag so you should know by now

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I'm never going to give up. I AM going to get It's A Bully% world record... AM! Btw I record on phone but I got really unlucky because I was testing Bandicam if it works yet but I got world record , but Bandicam was not good and instead was even worse than ever.