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8 months ago

It was discovered that the speed of movement changes with FPS.

However, this is not something that can be set in the game.

Should we accept this as is?

Separate regulations or make a rule to fix the FPS.

If we allow low FPS, it will not be fair unless we commonize external tools.

Why don't we set new rules?

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RTSS is a fairly common tool used to both cap and display FPS

I'm not a runner of this game, but that's what has worked for me/us in past games :)

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As meta mentioned, I used Rivatuner Statistics Server to lower my fps for the new strats. This is an external tool yes, but the same result could be achieved with just lagging the game ( which is actually how we discovered the tech lol). Banning RTSS also bans people who dont get consistent 60 FPS from playing, since you do get more roll speed at even 45 fps than at 60. Which is one reasoning for why it should be allowed in my opinio.

We also found a way to skip the intro cutscene with a specific save. By setting reputation to 1 before the run starts, we skip the intro cutscene and change nothing else in the game. The starting save I think should be a no brainer to allow since it makes resetting way less of an issue without changing the gameplay at all.

Both of these things need to be decided on by the community.

For easier discussion please join this discord: https://discord.gg/NB79qNgRH3

Varsinais-Suomi, Finland

Different category made for FPS manipulated runs

Edited by the author 8 months ago

Client modifications are not allowed. This is a common rule in most games. As for clothing, it can be changed without hacking.

As for FPS, I thought it would be better to have a different regulation. Because ultimately the focus is on how you control your FPS. After all, it is faster to run without items.

But running with low FPS is also different and interesting.

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