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Alright there isn't much to say about this one, basically what you want is a save file that has gold everything except crash junctions, all trophies, all signatures and preferably all the cars that can be obtained without crash junctions. The reason being is that having the crash junctions on your map is an extremely minor time waste when scrolling through to select the next GP, same goes with the takedown trophies and signatures, having one pop up is a time waste of about 10 seconds per one unlocked so best to have everything done.

Now all the prerequisites are out of the way how to start?

The route and car to use is as follows -
Compact GP - Compact Prototype
Muscle GP - Dominator Muscle
Coupe GP - Dominator Coupe
Sports GP - Dominator Sports
Super GP - Dominator Super

Now is that route fixed or can it be changed around you might ask? The answer is no, the reason being is that when playing through the game it is required to do these GPs in this order as beating a GP unlocks the next one and there is no possible way around this. It would be nice to start fast and end slow to get the harder things out of the way and make for quick resets but it's just how it is.

Now you have the route all set up the timer starts when you select your car for the Compact GP and ends as you cross the line of the final race of the Super GP.

(As a note the cars used are still experimental though for both compact and super it is both heavily recommended you use the given cars as they simply outclass the rest in the same class.)

Happy racing and hope to see some more faces in the category

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If anyone needs a save file for the NA ps2 copy of the game, and has a way to load uLaunchElf, I can provide one that has everything but the Oval Circuit Racer (or whatever it is called)