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For those without proper data to watch the video, I've provided the transcript of the video so you can read it. If you are interested in watching the video for visual aids, check this link:

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"Hello Internet people. This is "I get muted every game" here to bring you a steamy pile of watery chunky tips and tricks for this billion-year-old game that nobody cares about. Let's jump right in.

There are three techniques I've learned that can absolutely power fuck the computers when executed right. They're risky too, so it's important not to eat your own ass while you're trying to eat theirs. To list them off, they are: Defensive Pulling, Massing, and Sweeping.

Defensive Pulling requires that you only take the furthest-back units from your planet. When you have hostile neighbors, it's important not to leave your planet exposed while massing. Defensive pulling ensures you have the most vital units available exactly where they need to be, which is, facing the enemy planet.

Massing is a technique I dubbed after realizing I need to justify the amount of time I waste on this game. Instead of sending your units to attack a planet directly, you can tell your units to move to a location completely void of enemies and planets. Massing is super effective when you mass your units right next to an enemy planet. They won't know what to do, and will instead leave the friendly units alone, what a bunch of chumps.

The last technique is what I call Sweeping. Your units can move directly over planets on the field, and you can use this to your advantage when attacking. In Auralux, defensive units will crowd around the contact point of an attacking group. This only occurs when the defending planet is directly targeted. Otherwise, they sit there and count their eyeballs. When sweeping, it's important not to target the enemy planet that's getting swept, so as to keep the enemy units clueless and docile. What's more: You can get direct access to the planet's core through sweeping, where you can immediately attack the planet's health directly, instead of fighting your way through the defending mob to the center.

We can combine these techniques with others in a chronological order to create entire plays. I'll be diving into those in another video, for now, I hope you learned something about this great video game. Like the video if you liked it, and subscribe if you appreciate this caliber of content. If you hated this video, but watched it out of spite, thumbs it down. I dare you. Go on, no one's looking. Except me, and you bet I'll remember your face. See you soon."