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Some changes have been made to the leaderboard today and I just wanted to post about those.

First, the timing method has been changed to real time (the leaderboard was sorted by in-game time before). The reason for this is because there are ways to save real time that don't save in-game time. Another problem with in-game time is that a slower run with no deaths would have a higher leaderboard placement than a faster run with deaths. This has happened twice that I know of, but it shouldn't be an issue any more.

Next, the "Operative Difficulty" category has been replaced with "Any%", since there are some time saves that involve switching difficulties during the run. Some levels are faster on Agent difficulty because some cutscenes don't play. Switching difficulties is completely seamless on the GameCube and Xbox versions of the game. For PS2 runs, it is faster to play the whole game on Operative difficulty.

The "Agent Difficulty" category has been removed because nobody ever did runs on that difficulty. It's almost exactly the same as Operative difficulty minus a few cutscenes, so it's not necessary to have on the leaderboard. As of writing this, Any% and 00 Agent are the only two categories (since 00 Agent is actually different in some ways).

Also, there's a cool new background now. I think it looks much better than the default speedrun.com background.

If you have any questions about leaderboard changes, post them here and someone will answer.