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Hi everyone (or should I say hi dodo41811 😉 )!

Just discovered an interesting skip during my first playthrough of the game: in Zanat's lab, after talking about everything with him, exit the seat as if you were going to kill the copies. Instead of leaving, return to sit immediately and engage the conversation with Zanat again. Zanat will directly skip to the dialogue you should get after coming back from the completed Pong mini-game. Only 2 conversation icons work IIRC, and then Zanat will invite you to "jump" into the Stargate, going directly to the ghost/flashback sequence.

@dodo41811dodo41811: would you consider trying a new run with this skip? 😉

P.S.: done on Tgames' Perfect Edition.


Hey, that sounds awesome !

I don't have any immediate plans of going back to run this game, but if I do I'll definitely take that into account (and even in the meantime, if other people start running the game they can benefit from this).

Thanks a lot for the tip !


By the way @dodo41811dodo41811, will you consider running The Secrets of Atlantis: The Sacred Legacy, as it unofficially is "Atlantis V"?

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