Faroe Islands

If you want to run a category that's not currently listed, give me a message on twitter or somewhere so I can add it.

It's funny that you mention that because I've been thinking about jumping up the difficulty and seeing how that plays out.

Faroe Islands

Aighty, I just added normal and hard as a subcategory for any%. Good luck with the runs :)

Any% really isn't the right term for this as there isn't a % to adhere to, really. Changed the main category to "New Game". Recently added DLC Part IV as categories as well. Doesn't make much sense for the category to include full runs as you'd actually have to exit the game at the beginning of Chapter 18 to select the alternate version of that chapter, then upon completing it, you'd have to yet again go to the main menu to select Chapter 19 to start the DLC. Works fine as its own separated thing.

Queensland, Australia

I noticed the extra "Lost Episode" DLC chapters featuring Street Fighter cameos arn't on the leaderboard yet which I'd be interested to see as a category to run here. Could those be added?

It's kind of a shitshow of a run (due to the SF portions). But yeah, I was thinking of adding those as well.

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Queensland, Australia

Nice, thanks for that! I just got back from hiatus and have started speedrunning again so I'll see if I can slot in a few runs to get the ball rolling after my current game grinds. c:

Looking forward to it, good luck!

Arizona, USA

Any chance we could add an "all cutscenes"? Sometimes mashing back gets annoying and doesn't make it a great game to watch someone run.

Or an "S rank %"? Have to get S at the end of each chapter screen?

I'd also like to do different gauges, I've done "Blind Master"/"Mortal" and enjoyed it

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Welcome back SupremeTDM, I was wondering what happened to you.

All cutscenes would also be terribly long.

All S-Rank would be an absolute slog because any failure to get an S-Rank would either be a dead run or an entire chapter repeated. This would be wildly likely at the Saaya Asura fight as Yasha especially on Hard as that S-Rank is crazy tight.

Blind Master really doesn't change the approach at all.

Mortal Gauge could be a thing though as it does actually increase the difficulty dramatically. None of the other gauges really offer a change to gameplay that would warrant a category.

Arizona, USA

I agree with ya, most of those don't really fit the "speedrun" site. I'll just post the all cutscenes and stuff then to my own YouTube and just call it good.

I'm open to ideas, just thought I'd try and throw out some I'd had. Gauges could still be fun to mess with though, I'd like to maybe do one where the gauge is maxed at all times and see how much faster it is.

Also, thanks for the welcome back, I finally have a pc to record with now instead of ripping Twitch vods lol. Still trying to find the 10 mins between our times but its been fun getting back into it

1 year ago

For the moment, I'm not able to do a whole lot, we're traveling for education purposes and my accommodations lack any room for my computer (I'm on a ChromeBook >.<). Feel free to add me on discord if you want if you want to discuss the run, strats, etc.

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