XBox One backwards compatibility.
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XBox One backwards compatibility.

As the topic suggests, Asura's Wrath has been added to the list of games that the One has backwards compatibility for and as such the console has been listed. I've done a practice run on it and have seen a couple of streamers play through the game on the console as well and at this time I see no reason that the console shouldn't be valid for runs.


yeah it should definitly be no problem. The only thing that one has to keep in mind with backwards compatibility is always load times though. It would be nice to check how different loadtimes are especially in cutscene heavy games like this. It could lead to massive timesaves just because of loadtimes which could (at least in some other communites) lead to a seperated board or something. But well I mean there arent that many runners right now, would still interest me if you find something out! keep up the good work

Actually, from any of my testing the loadtimes are practically identical. The HUGE improvement on XB1 is more due to the fact that the game doesn't lag nearly as much or as often.

Also if you wanna help fix the lack of runners thing, I'd appreciate it. :)

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With the new Xbox series X also having the same backwards compatibility, that one may have much faster load times due to the SSD, it would be interesting to see the difference.

I am highly curious myself. The XBox One X plays the QTE at the end of Lost Episode 1 at a speed that makes it nearly impossible to successfully clear it - I imagine that problem will be worse, but Part I-III and IV... I want this thing.