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I have a question for Mad_Max about his PB run.

It's about level 1-3, on 3rd catapult. This catapult can either shoot high or low, and I believe that is RNG.
My strat is to jump above the fire, which handles both situations.
However, you just run straight, and you don't even try to jump. You don't get hit because the catapult shoots high, but you would've got hit if it had shot low.
So I'm guessing you knew the catapult would shoot high ? How ?



I use the same strat for that catapult because it is RNG indeed.
However, during this run I made a mistake by jumping a bit late when Asterix was about to fall from the platform. Therefore, the jump did not happen and I was just lucky the catapult shot high.

I am not 100% accurate on this jump, sometimes I also jump a bit early and Asterix bumps his head into the A box above. This actually happens on my new PB run I submitted today.

That being said, there is a way to kind of predict the behavior of a catapult (in Easy mode) based on what the previous catapults did. For instance, if the first catapult shoots high, most of the time the second one will shoot low and the third one will shoot high. Moreover, if the first one shoots low and then the second one shoots high, you are almost guaranteed the last one will shoot high. Nevertheless, I try not to play according to those assumptions because it is safer to make the jump anyway.


Ah ok I see. This jump is a 2 frames window, so it's not that easy indeed.

Can't wait to see your new PB, but still refering to 5m 54s 033ms run :

On level 2-1, 4th snowman :
You do a strat that only works if the snowman shoots low, so I guess that if you take a damage, you hope that the last snowman will be nice ?

On level 2-2, 3rd snowman
It seems that if this snowman shoots high, you will take a damage. Does that mean the run is dead if that happens ?


level 2-1:
Yes it only works if the snowman shoots low and even if that happens, making the jump without touching him and then landing successfully on the A box is quite challenging. Anyhow, in case I take the damage, I clearly hope that the last snowman will be nice but it is not mandatory. In fact, I only reset if I finish the level with less than 2 wings left.

Level 2-2:
Indeed, if the snowman shoots high, I will take the damage but the run is not necessarily dead. It depends on how many wings I have left after that. For this level, I will reset if I can only finish it with less than one wing.


Ah yeah I understand, that's clever 🙂

On level 2-1, 4th snowman jump is frame perfect
On level 2-2, 3rd snowman jump is 2 frames window


Yeah I never checked but I thought it had to be a frame perfect jump on level 2-1, the precision required is crazy !