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Post any ideas of Challenges strats here.

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Supremus with Control Priest:

For Supremus, I've made this straightforward Control Priest. Just focus on removing his minions early on (turn 4-7) then play your late games to grind his health down.

Need to watch out for his bursts, he have 2x Lava Burst and two other minions with 3 damage Battlecries.
Another reason why Priest works well since you can just heal with your hero power.

I've tried Freeze Mage, cant get it to be effective since I don't have Ice Block and can't reliably remove their huge minions.

Tried Ramp Druid as well and while you can often get your 7-drops by turn 4-5, it's not as consistent as priest. His Scrapyard Colossus and his board clears, alongside your lack of removals, causing Druid to not be as effective.

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Teron Gorefiend with Freeze Mage:

The boss isn't hard enough for Freeze Mage, which makes this the quickest deck perhaps.
I still have a bit of chance to lose, but usually it's due to my minor mistakes, such as using the Vengeful Spirit card too quickly or too late.
And there's a small chance that your Alexstrasza will get stolen by his Death's Grip...

Usually, I'll use the Vengeful Spirit (destroy Shadowy Constructs) when he have two Shadowy Constructs that I don't have an easy way to deal with. It's fine to use it on only one, if things might get dangerous or if I have too many cards in hand.

Note that this boss have quite a lot of bursts from his deck (Death Coil, Death and Decay, Bonemare, and his Shadowy Construct's effect too). So try to avoid getting <10 HP to be safe.

Some explanations on card choices:
- Doomsayer/Depth Charge: Usually I'll use them in turn 2 to kill first two constructs. Good to use for late game as well combined with freeze spells. Though the chance for them to be killed by his Obliterate or other spells is not small.
- Secrets: Using them cause Ancient Mysteries feels really good, and Vaporize can be played anytime proactively, which also reduce your chance to have a full hand. Ice Barrier cause healing is useful as well, since boss have lots of burst.
- Frostbolt: Could help in scoring lethal after Alexstrasza, not sure if I actually need this though since most of the time I don't need this for lethal.
Fine to use on an enemy minion if required, you have Fireballs, Pyroblast and good chance of having Alexstrasza hitting face.
- Kel'thuzad: Very huge value when you combo this with the 0-mana Vengeful Spirit.
- Novice Engineer / Thalnos: I was thinking of putting even more card draws like Starscryer or Loot Hoarder, but sometimes it causes you to have too many cards in hand if you haven't used your 0-mana spells yet. Also having more minions will increase the damage you get from Shadowy Construct's effect.
- Lorekeeper Polkelt: Tutor for Alexstrasza. Watch out when you have him early, need to make sure you have enough cheap defensive cards beforehand, cause you'll be drawing expensive cards for the rest of the game.

Cards that I was considering putting in:
- Rolling Fireball: Decent board clear that often clears two minions at least, but dont have the card slot for it since I rather have secrets I can play early.
- Cone of Cold: Decent board freeze card, but not enough card slots as well, and his Anti-Magic Shell have a bit of chance to mess up your Cone of Cold. Blizzard is preferable since it helps in setting up a Flamestrike clear.
- Flame Ward: 3 damage while he have lots of 4 health minions, so it's not that effective.
- Taunts: Was thinking of putting Bone Wraith or Proud Defender in this deck, to have him use Obliterate or Death Coil more often, so that my Doomsayer / Depth Charge will have more chance of success on late game. Although this could end up dealing more damage to myself due to Shadowy Construct's effect.
- Combustion: Ok spell since it kills a lot of 4-HP minions, don't think it's worth the card slot for this boss though.

Darkmoon Faire update: Tried to replace Novice Engineer/Thalnos with Rigged Faire Game, but I preferred the minions instead. To reduce the chance of Alexstrasza getting stolen by Death's Grip.

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Magtheridon with Ramp Druid:

Ramp Druid works really well in here, I never lost with this and never reached more than turn 10, usually it finishes between turn 7-9.

Depth Charge and Doomsayer is really good in removing the Magtheridon Cubes early on, since this boss have no burst, and no early minions with >=5 attack.

After clearing his board with Doomsayer/Depth Charge early and playing the ramp cards, usually I can start putting big minions from turn 4-5.

It's fine to get hit by his 10-damage hero power once, or even twice. The boss have no burst damage, so you'll still be safe at <10 HP once you have board controls with big minions.

Mulligan for Depth Charge or Doomsayer, and keep the early ramp cards as well. Probably don't need more than one Doomsayer/Depth Charge in opening hand though.

Few other cards I was considering but not putting in the deck for now:
- Evasive Chimaera: Could help with clearing cubes early, and could potentially kill his big taunts later. Don't feel I need it though since Depth Charge and Doomsayer is enough for early game defense.
- Black Knight: Enemy tends to have big taunts later on, although the 4/5 body isn't really useful in trading against cubes or big minions

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Gruul with Ramp Druid:

Won 11 times in a row with this version, with all fights gone below 4 minutes, some fights are below 3 minutes.

Gruul have slow tempo, cause he always spend 2 mana on his hero power, making it fine for you in not putting any tempo for the first 4-5 turns while ramping. Usually I'm able to play a 7-drop by turn 5/6.

He does have plenty of removals and board clear though. 2x Sleep with the Fishes and 1x Brawl can easily clear multiple minions.

Mulligan for ramp cards. Keeping a 5-mana minion is fine if you already have a ramp card in opening hand.

Some cards that I was considering but decided not to put in:
- Imprisoned Satyr: Not sure why but I did well when I removed this, cause it seems I have enough ramps already.
- Underbelly Ooze: Obvious synergy with Gruul's hero power, but can be easily cleared with Swim with the Fishes.
- Alexstrasza: While it might help in getting a quick lethal, it might also give Gruul a chance to use his lifesteal spell for 12 damage (Slayer of the Mighty), healing him back to 27 HP. This applies to other big dragons as well such as Plagued Protodrake.
- Depth Charge / Doomsayer: Could be useful to play before you play Overgrowth or other big minions, don't really need it though cause his minions in early game won't be that threatening anyway.
- Area buffs (Blessing of the Ancient / Gift of the Wild / Survival of the Fittest):
Was thinking this might help in improving board presence and/or scoring lethal. But you usually only have few minions on board and will be useless if Gruul cleared your board before this.
- Pit Crocolisk: The battlecry (deal 5 damage) will kill most of his minions, but I still rather have other minions in my deck.

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Kael'thas with Alexstrasza Warrior:

Using Warrior instead of Mage because Armor is needed to be safe against lots of bursts. Kael'thas only have little amount of minions, so no freeze is needed.

This one have been consistent, with times usually ranging from 2.5 - 3.5 minutes.

Usually after the Alexstrasza, will kill Kaelthas in two turns. Can equip the Gorehowl before using Alexstrasza for faster kills.
Don't think I need any other weapons since it's very likely to have a Gorehowl by the time you have Alexstrasza as well.

Mulligan for cheap card draws and cheap removals (Sword and Board, Heroic Strike, Bladestorm). Alexstrasza or Polkelt is good to keep as well.
Gorehowl or Restless Mummy can be kept if we already have other draw/removals in opening hand.

Note that his secrets are 1x Counterspell and 1x Vaporize, the Vaporize is usually irrelevant cause he'll kill your minions before you can attack face with it anyway.

Some card choices explanations:
- Restless Mummy: Good removal for his mid-game minions, such as A'lar or 6/6 Pyros. Can use it on multiple small minions too, and can combo it with Commanding Shout if we have one.
- Commanding Shout: Usually used just for the card draw.
- Upgrade: Could use this to clear a Starscryer early on, and to upgrade Gorehowl which will give 16 damage over two turns. Not sure if I want to put only one or two copies, since this doesn't really help in making the fight safer.
- Bulwark of Azzinoth: Not necessary but pretty helpful in tanking damage if the game doesn't go smooth. Good to use before he got 7-mana where he might start using Greater Arcane Missile. Could conflict with Gorehowl equip though.
- Jepetto Joybuzz: Not necessary, though I put it just in case if I don't get my Alexstrasza or Polkelt on time, and need more draws. Haven't used him in my last several attempts of this deck.


Kazzak with Freeze Mage:

Freeze Mage works well here. I doubt any other strats works well since his hero power probably makes any conventional decks to be too slow.

This boss doesn't have burst outside of Hellfire / Felfire Potion / Rustsworn Champion (6-mana charge story minion). Which makes Depth Charge and Doomsayer works all the time when comboed with freezes.

For the bursts, the 2x Fireballs and 1x Pyroblast have been enough in my testing.

Polymorph and Rolling Fireball are useful for removals, if Kazzak played Enhanced Dreadlord or Malganis after you played Alexstrasza.

Not using Flamestrike since I don't need more board clears, Depth Charge & Doomsayer have been enough.

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Shahraz with Freeze Mage:

Mask of C'thun have helped a lot with this. I was struggling with this boss before Darkmoon Faire, since it's hard to score lethal if your Alexstrasza got removed by her weapon.

Maybe about 80% winrate on my attempts. Usually not as fast as the other freeze mage decks on this adventure, since it's harder to score lethal on her with how you need to use hero power on her face before doing actual damage.

Explanations on card choices:
- Weapon removals: Using 5 weapon removal cards seems to be worth it, since she always have multiple weapons throughout a game.
- Khartut Defender: Healing is very useful in this fight. Sometimes, AI refuse to trade against your Khartut when you're at low HP, making it much easier to control the board.
- Rolling Fireball: Very flexible removal, I prefer this compared to Depth Charge since Depth Charge have some chance of failing.
- Polymorph: Mainly for her Coilfang Warlord which is hard to remove otherwise, could be used for other big minions if necessary (such as Priestess of Fury).
- Rigged Faire Game: Been a useful card draw overall, though I think it's fine to put only one copy on the deck.
- Vaporize: Decent removal in early game, and still could be useful for late game.
Didn't put in Ancestral Knowledge in this deck despite having two secrets, since I don't think I want to replace other cards with Ancestral Knowledge.
- Circus Medic: More healing won't hurt, and sometimes you can use it to kill a minion or scoring lethal as well. Not that important though so I only put one copy of this.


Lady Vashj with Priest using Octosari + Nomi combo:

Made this deck few weeks ago before Darkmoon Faire was out, will edit this post if I made any adjustments afterwards.

The win condition seems to be more reliable compared to playing a generic Control Priest with regular late game minions. Octosari and Lorekeeper Polkelt make it mostly consistent to activate Nomi quick enough.

My wins have been between 4.5 to 6 minutes.

Still some chance to lose if I didn't have the right defensive cards in the first several turns though, and there's a small chance that Octosari's draws discarded the Nomi.


Illidan with Ramp Druid:

Think this is the deck I'll go with, since other control decks I've tried have an even lower winrate and also slower. This one maybe have about 20%-30% winrate.

Hope that you can survive in the early game while getting the ramps, and hope you can outvalue Illidan once you have lots of mana. Illidan's late game minions aren't super strong, so your high-value late game minions can stabilise the board pretty easily as long as you dont die beforehand.

I mulligan for ramp cards, Crystal Power, Ooze and Doomsayer.

One thing I'm not sure of is if it'll be useful to have more 6-mana cards, such as Ancient Oasis, Runic Carvings or Claw Machine.

Some card choices explanations:
- Crystal Power: Can be used for heals or to remove some of the early game minions such as Satyr Overseer.
- Moontouched Amulet: Mainly used for healing, can be played alongside a 7-drop in late game.
- Acidic Swamp Ooze: Good both for early and late game, can be played alongside a big minion for late game.
- Scavenging Shivarra: Very flexible board clear or removal, alongside an extra body. Bonus in synergy with N'zoth as well.

Other cards I was considering, but not putting in:
- Ancient Oasis: 12 healing looks good, and the 6/6 taunt might not be that bad as well. But I can't play this alongside another minion in late game, which could hurt tempo quite a lot.
- Harrison Jones: Can't play him with another big minion at the same time.
- Depth Charge: Usually can be killed by enemy, and I can't put too much early game in this deck since I need to have plenty of late game for the deck to work.
- More ramp cards (Lightning Bloom / Innervate / etc): Can't put too much of these since I need lots of late game minions in the deck.