List of all known glitches

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Jump buffering
When dashing, a jump input can be buffered by holding jump, which is then executed the frame when the dash ends. When dashing above spikes or forced jump blocks, this allows you to jump without being affected by them, i.e. not dying despite the fact that you are jumping on spikes. While this works on the majority of floors in the game, there are a few floors where this does not work. It is currently unknown why that is the case.

Gem jingle skip
When the ingame volume is set to 40 or less, the jingle that would usually play when opening the four chests containing gems does not play and the chest text box can be closed without the need to wait for the jingle to finish. A small drawback of this is that the last gem gate on 100F only opens after reloading the floor by entering the floor again or suiciding.

Fast intro text
During the intro text sequence right after starting a new game, pressing the continue button at the right time skips the fade-in animation of the text, saving roughly 0.5 seconds for each of the five screens of text. The button needs to be pressed when the opacity of the text is 0, i.e. right before each screen of text fades in. It is unknown why this does not work for the ending credits.

Item transfer
When teleporting to a different floor the frame before picking up an item (key, chest, or bubble key), the game thinks that you picked up that item on the floor you teleported to. The item will not be considered as picked up in the original floor. If it is a key, then the key counter gets incremented regardless of whether a key was already picked up on the floor you teleport to, which is a way of getting infinite keys. If it is a chest, the contents of that chest will override the contents of the floor you teleport to, thus deleting the checkpoint item for that floor but duplicating the item.
An easy way of opening the menu on the correct frame is to jump over the item and pause buffer until gravity pulls you down far enough to almost touch the item.

Hidden block phasing
It is possible to move through blocks that appear on collision horizontally. With enough momentum (either through a dash or when the inertia effect is active), facing the opposite direction the moment before you would activate the block and letting yourself slide into it does not activate it until past the halfway point. If you face your movement direction again the frame you pass the halfway point, you can move through it without activating it at all. In some cases, it is possible to drop down out of the activated block, in which case the frame perfect turning at the halfway point is not necessary. This is shown in
There are hidden blocks which can be passed through in only one direction, which is implemented by checking whether you are facing towards the centre of it when moving through the first half of it. All hidden blocks share this implementation, so a block that disallows walking through in both directions just checks whether you are facing the centre on both sides. By facing away from it while letting momentum carry us through the block, you trick the block into thinking that you are just moving away from the block twice because you always face away from the centre.

Wrong door warp
When suiciding immediately after teleporting to a floor while still in the menu, the door you will be teleported to can be different from the usual one and you may even end up very far out of bounds. This depends on which door or checkpoint you are starting from before the glitch.
Each floor has up to four doors and thus four spawn points, each next to a door and associated with a number in the range 0--3 inclusive. When doing this glitch, the spawn point number gets preserved instead of being set to 0, which makes you spawn at one of the other doors. If the spawn point index does not exist on the floor you are teleporting to, you are placed out of bounds.

Bumping moving spikes
By activating a hidden block right when a moving spike is passing through it, the moving spike is pushed out of the block by being moved to the right until a free space is encountered. If necessary, it will travel many blocks to the right. It might be possible to bump enemies this way generally, but there are few places where an enemy's movement passes through hidden blocks.

Overwrite save data
While the text box of a chest is open, hold the menu button, then press escape. This opens the menu, plays the save select screen music and loads the last existing save in the list of three save slots over the current one while only keeping the current floor and position therein the same. Teleporting to a different floor has the same effect as described in the Item transfer section.

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