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I've noticed emulator has been approved in the past, we should just have 2 separate categories if it seems to play differently , so I can have my WR


I'd rather we just use an accurate emulator for speedrunning.

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Okay so there are a few things I want to bring up now...

1. So my run was rejected without any advice on a better emulator to use, you even know I nicely asked, guess you dont like me or something.

2. No instructions related to this issue in the rules...

3. Its only NOW an issue because someone beat your WR.

4. 2 weeks to get my run rejected by the mod who is also the WR holder.

5. It was super crucial that we make a separate category for LSD but not Arthur?

6. Not to mention iamnotacola gets his psx run verified? maybe even the other guys too, who knows what they used.

7. I wouldn't have even ran it if I knew it wasnt allowed, so due to low brawl moderation, and rule making, you basically wasted a whole day of mine.

Conclusion: guess you're going to have to proof check all those other runs and/or reject them too, i'll check back in a week or so to see if that was done, and if not, I'm contacting head mods because this is absolutely ridiculous. Every single game on this website that has differences between console and emulator, make separate categories, even on LSD the rarest game on the ps1, there is a console and emulator category, so youre not going to tell me you cant do this, you're just doing this because you have some sort of weird grudge against how I speedrun ps1 games on emulator, and break WR's while doing so. But this is okay, because I know at heart I still crushed your time, I timed the loading differences, and its literally like 0.25 seconds slower on each loading screen, which means if I ran on console, I would have only been 4 seconds behind my time. But whatever, hope to see some more rejected runs soon.